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Jul 4, 2016 | My Creative Musings

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Welcome to the my wacky world of my whimsical childhood imagination and art!  My mother is quite sentimental and has saved many of my childhood kooky art creations and stories, some from elementary school, and some from my own creative play.

My creative, imaginative nature during my childhood extended beyond making my art. I had a very active and elaborate imagination when it came to both my creative play and artwork. One of my earliest memories of my childhood art ended in a sorry unfortunate mishap. I can’t remember what I painted that day in senior kindergarten, but I remember feeling happy with my work and holding it in my hand to take it home at dismissal time.  It was a very windy day and a gust pulled my creation away from me when I stepped outside to greet my mom. It was ruined – all ripped and torn.  I was devastated because I was so proud of my tempera on school art paper masterpiece!

Being an only child greatly contributed to the development of my vivid imagination.  I would often play by myself with my favourite toys, my Barbies. My whimsical flights of fancy ran wild with my dramatic Barbie saga story lines.

Most of my memories around drawing and painting go back to around the age of 10; however, my mom managed to keep much of my childhood art from much earlier. See some examples of my childhood creations with their descriptions below.  I went through a few phases with my art as a child.  Around the age of 12 I enjoyed drawing cartoony-like people representing both actual and imagined people, with my big oval eyes and bubble noses (featured in some of my images below).  When I was a bit older I dabbled in representational pencil drawings referenced from photographs.

Looking back to how I drew when I was in grade two and at the progression of my creative development through elementary school, I can tell I was a late bloomer when it came to technique, but my imagination was definitely quite vivid and whimsical. The written stories my mom kept have me in stitches when I read them back. Hilarious!

I feel I was born to create and that it is embedded in my DNA.  I hope you can inspire and foster creative play and imagination in your own children.

Lary The Lion:

“Oh just call me Mack”

This loopy lion from my childhood really cracks me up. Even then, I loved creating my own characters. This drawing really brings out my goofier side.

The Phoenix

This reminds me of a children’s t.v show I used to enjoy watching that featured a phoenix called “The Phoenix and the Carpet”.  I think this is what inspired this drawing and the story I wrote to go with it for school.

Happy Alien


Looks like I was inspired by the 80’s movie “E.T” with this one. He has my signature bubble nose I enjoyed giving many of my characters as a kid. My material of choice with this one was oil pastels. Presently I am taking a renewed interest in pastels with the amazing new Pan Pastel (soft dry pastel) product. I wonder what inspired the crown? King of his species maybe?

Happy Smilie Girl


This is from my earlier childhood. I have no clue what inspired this, but it also cracks me up, especially the giagantic toothy grin. My creative expression and imagination was completely unstifled as a child. I aim to recapture that uninhibited creativity and reignite my inner child.

A Dolphin Sub


My guess is this was from another school assignment. My spelling skills was a work in progress when I created this. I included this in this gallery of my childhood creations as an example of the kinds of imaginary characters I created from my childhood perspective.

Spider and Fly


This is from my phase when I was exploring creating my own characters. I loved giving them the big oval, oblong eyes and bubble noses. These creations are from approximately sixth and seventh grade. I started with a plan to create a story with some of these creations of my imagination, but I didn’t quite get there.


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