Privacy Policy

Updated November 11, 2018

Please note that this privacy policy will be updated over time as I make additions and changes to my website Updates will be made once I add a newsletter opt in form and an online shop where you can buy my art. Please check back for further information once these features have been added.

Personal Information
At present, the only personal information you will be providing me is your name, email address and link to your website (if you chose to provide that). This is in order to allow you to send me email messages on my contact form, or to comment on my blog. In future I will be using an email processing service called MailChimp for my newsletter and option forms for that. In no way will your personal information be shared with unrelated third parties. Only your name and your provided links to your website will be posted on blog comments sections on my website.
Your email address will be used to send you updates to my website via my future opt-in form and to communicate with you. Once this feature is enabled and you decide you want to opt-out after opting in , you can do so at any time.
Please check back here for privacy information related to my online shop once this is added in the near future.
Mailchimp service does not share email lists with third parties other than those websites that subscribe to their services for their newsletters. Please visit for more information if you want more information. If you choose to email me on my e-mail contact form you may include in the body of your email if you want me to delete your email address from my email contacts once I have replied to your query. I have blog comments temporarily disabled, but once I activate them I will be adding a feature to my website to prevent my site from saving your isp address in the alert sent to me that a comment has been made. (internet protocol address). 

Security: complies with SSL (secure socket license) encryption standards to ensure your personal information is kept secure. This is the security standard for all websites on the internet. My website’s security is also closely monitored by my website hosting service .

Cookies are small pieces of non-personal identifiable information stored on web browsers for the sole purpose of the functioning and improvement of websites. You may disable cookies from your web browser, but this will limit your usability of some websites , such as saving items in your shopping cart. Cookies help to improve user experience of websites.

Data Collection and statistics: will be collecting non-personal identifiable data and statistics for the sole purpose of improvements to my website. Some of this data will be shared with me via my business page on Facebook. Please visit Facebook Data Privacy page for more information on their privacy policies. Visit Instagram's Data privacy page for information on their policy.. In no way will this information be shared with unrelated third parties. I am not using data collection sources at present, but in the future I will be using Google Analytics which only gives me non identifiable information about web traffic to my website (statistics). This enables me to learn if my website is getting seen/visited and if it is performing effectively. I will be updating more information about Google Analytics in the future once I activate it on my site. My Facebook business page on Facebook provides me with similar non-personal identifiable statistics about visitor activity to my page and the number of likes and shares my page gets.

Third-party links
My website contains links to my Facebook page, Instagram Page and Pinterest page which are all within those platforms. I may also include links to other third party websites. For more information on those website’s privacy policies, please visit them for that information.

Children: does not knowingly collect personally-identifiable information of children under the age of 16. No personally identifiable information should be submitted to this site by visitors under the age of 18 without prior written consent of a parent or guardian. If you have any concerns as a parent that your child may have done so without your consent (example: email address, full name), please contact me at jmkartist[at]janinekurzinger[dot]com and all that information will be permanently deleted/removed.

My website is intended for parents to follow my creative process with my art and to purchase my original art work and reproductions to decorate their child’s room.

Regarding My Future Shop Page:

Please note I will not be selling my art outside North America due to logistics with Shipping. I may however use a drop shipping service eventually, at which time I will post information on their data privacy and how it relates to my site on this page.