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Jun 12, 2019 | My Creative Musings

close up photo of my hands stained with paint holding a paintbrush while resting on my painting laying on a table outside

I often wonder how some artists manage to make an active business of their art while also working a full-time day job and parenting their children. My thoughts were, where do they get the energy? What is their secret? I don’t have kids of my own and I’m an occasional (substitute) teacher. Yet, I often find myself completely spent after a half or full day of work at my day job with nothing left in me to create. I often wondered, is there something with my health I wasn’t addressing, or is it the nature of my job? Then, recently at my last doctor’s appointment she sent me for some blood work due to some other symptoms I was having. So, it turns out I’m slightly anemic and I need to take some iron. So, fingers crossed I hope this will be a game changer for me and I can finally feel like I can accomplish more with my art during the school year.

Sleep is an important factor as well. It’s time to set the goal of breaking my habit of going to sleep at midnight or later. Looking after one’s health is such an important factor in being productive and being able not only set goals, but to put consistent time towards following them. In a couple weeks or so I’ll see if being on iron supplements will give me that much needed and way overdue energy boost. Having physical energy is crucial for maintaining creative drive, so that will be a great relief for me once the supplement kicks in.

This summer some of my goals I have to help recharge my energy is to spend more time outdoors to work on my art and for personal enjoyment. I also want to find a personal fitness routine that I can stick to. Maybe I’ll try a zumba dancercise class or find some exercises to do with my resistance bands. Fitness is more enjoyable when it is fun. The challenge is to find the thing that I will find enjoyable enough to stick to. I also want to take up an unrelated art class for pleasure and to stretch myself creatively. So, I’d like to play with some clay at an open pottery studio. I think it’s healthy for the creative mind to take breaks from one’s primary art focus to explore other artistic avenues and materials (media).

Summer break is around the corner and I’m excited about the progress I will be able to make and that I will soon see adding my shop to my website (linked to Instagram or facebook ) on the horizon. I have some ideas of things I want to write about on my blog this summer as well and I plan to share more of my art process on Instagram. I hope I can connect with you there, but if you are not on Instagram you can find highlights from my posts on my Social Highlights blog category or on my Instagram embed on the sidebar or at the bottom of this post.

I’m sure you are likely a busy parent with a lot on your to do list. What is your secret to maintaining energy to give everything you do your all? If you are an artist as well, how do you achieve that balance to maintain your creative and physical energy and manage to accomplish your creative goals? Share your thoughts on my Instagram or Facebook as I currently don’t have comments active on my site.

I have a bit of an update since I initially published this post. I discovered that the iron supplements my doctor wanted me to take didn’t agree with me so now I am adding a new goal for my summer to eat more foods that are a good source of iron. I feel that health and and physical fitness are important for maintaining creative energy and flow. I am also happy to be on my summer break and getting more much needed sleep. I look forward to sharing more of my process and new projects here and on Instagram over the next couple months of summer.

Happy Summer and I look forward to sharing more of my creative journey along the way.


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