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Dec 4, 2017 | My Creative Play and Process

The above image is a screen shot of the Corel Painter interface with my triangle pattern design that I will use on my next imaginary animal (Unisnoove).

I create all my imaginary animals in an amazing paint program called Corel Painter along with a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet.

Corel Painter allows one to paint with every possible paint material that you can think of on the computer. This program is used by a variety of artists , from traditional, to graphic designers, illustrators, animators and more.

One tool that I love in this program allows me to turn my paint designs into patterns that I can apply to my art. In a recent blog post (“Sneak peak into my New imaginary animal “Dream Wall” series.) I shared my recent piece in my Dream Wall series that I have been working on with my Snorf character. I applied some of the patterns to him that I created in Painter.

The above image is a sample of some of the initial design/shapes I created and then turned into the patterns that I used on my Snorf piece. You can follow my up-to-date progress on my “Dream Wall Snorf” on Instagram or here on my blog.

Currently, I have started to plan patterns that I will use on my next imaginary animal in my Dream Wall series (Unisnoove). At first I was thinking I wanted to have a more black and white feel to the patterns on Unisnoove, but through experimenting in Corel painter I found a look that I love. I am still in the planning and experimenting stage, so the images below are currently a work in progress. Once I start painting my animal, I will decide on the pattern look that I want to give it, but I will use the triangles and dot dot patterns seen in my example images below.

I love the sketchy whimsical feel that these pattern concepts have. The digital art tools I used for these dot and triangle patterns were pastel, watercolour and crayon tools in the Painter program to create the look. Watercolours actually bleed and run as you paint in a very similar fashion to the real thing.

Playing with pattern design in Corel Painter is a lot of fun and my hope is to eventually create 12”x12” designs that can be used by crafters and scrapbookers. For now my focus is on my imaginary animals and creatures.

I use Corel Painter for my imaginary animals in order to get the crisp detailed look and feel that I aim for. I love how they look when combining them with traditional Pan Pastels and other traditional art materials.

Here is an embedded speed painting video example from a recent Facebook and Instagram post of the recent dot design and pattern I created.

The Thumbnail images below are a few examples of some of the paint tools I use in Corel Painter.

Chunky Oil Pastel

Fine Camel Oil Paint


Pencil Crayon


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