My 2018 Creative Musings

Dec 31, 2018 | My Creative Musings

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Happy New Year! Today is the last day of 2018 and I thought I’d use this post to share my reflections on my art progress and other crafty pursuits. Instead of doing my usual instagram highlights post, I am including some of that in this post.

Balancing time with one’s day job is one of the biggest challenges with being an artist. I was hoping to have more pieces completed by the end of this year, but I do finally feel like I am getting closer to setting up and launching my online shop, possibly by mid year. Once I do I will announce it on Instagram.

I also want to start the year by setting some new goals for my art. I’d say my New Year’s resolution is to improve the balance of my time between my teaching job, managing my website and creating my art.

Back in 2016 I had the option of using a plug-and-play and a much more intuitive website platform with Shopify or go the build-it-from-scratch route using a visual web builder with WordPress. Big learning curve of course! But I think there is a part of me that takes after my dad with his technical aptitudes. I loved being able to build my site to my own design specifications, but it took me way longer than if I had just gone with the plug-and-play option. That basically means plop my images into a set template and run with it. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it to build this site from scratch using WordPress, because now I have a new learning curve to face with adding my online shop. It’s tricky because it squeezes my time for creating my art.

In addition to my techy interests and pursuits, I also have a crafty side to me. Sometimes I get inspired to play with other crafty or creative projects, but then it takes my attention away from creating my art. I do have to say though that sometimes taking pause from working on a piece of art and coming back to it often results in me having fresh ideas and a refreshed eye for how I want to develop the piece further. Also, sometimes some of my crafty projects will even provide me with inspiration for my art. I may share some of these on my blog and hopefully they will inspire you to get crafty yourself or with your kids.

Right now I am working on a 3D exploding box birthday card for my best friend’s daughter. I got inspired by cute flower fairy dolls people shared on
Pinterest, so I created one as part of this card. I use an amazing cutting machine called the Cricut Explore which is immensely popular in crafty circles. If you love being crafty I encourage you to check out the #Cricut Explore on YouTube or Facebook.

The above image is the of the Cricut Explore cut outs for many of the box card parts I am working on.

Moving forward, I also have plans to create some of my imaginary creatures as wall sculptures. I’ve been inspired lately by an artist on YouTube called Gourmet Paper Mache who does incredible paper mache wall sculpture dragons using professional methods. My creations though tend to be more kid friendly rather than spooky.

I am almost finished creating my most recent imaginary animal, “Splorch” in  my “Dream Wall Series”. I will then move on to the mixed media phase of that piece. Follow me on Instagram to see my progress with that. If you don’t have instagram you can also see those posts on my Facebook page or on my “Monthly Social Media Highlights” here on my blog.

Below are some of my highlights from my recent posts to Instagram.

These little flower fairies just may inspire my art and make an appearance in an art piece at some point. Some of the sketchbook images I shared on Instagram and in my Monthly Social Media Highlights blog category recently are some of the possible imaginary creatures that will likely be prominent in my next series. You can view those sketches on my June to September highlights. Catching up.  blog post.

I Also love to create patterns in Corel Painter for both my art and my paper projects. I made this bow pattern for the box card I am making for my friend’s daughter.

Hope you will continue to follow me here on my blog and social media in 2019.


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