March Social Media highlights

Mar 30, 2018 | Monthly Social Media Highlights

I’m a bit behind lately with my blog. I didn’t post as much in February, so I don’t have a post for then. My aim is to post my process and progress with my art more frequently moving forward. I went to Jamaica with family at the beginning of March for a much needed vacation. While there, I doodled in my sketchbook to brainstorm for future imaginary fantasy animal pieces in my Dream Wall series. This series will have sub categories in the future since I have some ideas of how I want to develop it further. Currently my imaginary animals are of the hoofed and unicorn inspired animals.  Here are my highlights from Instagram for March.

Designing my imaginary animals usually starts with a scribble doodle . This is the first doodle towards a new hooved unicorn inspired creature. I’m posting the next sketch separately. #doodlesketches

Day one on the beach: After my scrabble doodle sketch I decide how it will inform the design of my imaginary animal. #doodlingonthe beach #sketchingonthebeach #doodleart #childrensdecorart #fantasyanimals #imaginaryanimals #kidsroomart #originalart

Day two of doodling out ideas on the beach: A character a day while on vacation. Sometimes my initial random scribbles need a little a little extra imagination inspiration to help an imaginary animal take form. Was feeling a bit stuck at first with this one but the scribble doodle on the bottom right made me connect it with a photo I took of seaweed on the beach that looked a bit like a seahorse. I will post a photo of that soon but I have to photoshop my finger out of it first. Lol.

Day three of doodling on the beach: New doodle on the beach. Not quite sure yet what I’ll morph this into . I didn’t doodle yesterday, but I went horseback riding on the beach here in beautiful Jamaica and by total fluke they gave me a horse to ride named Imagination. I just love when things like that happen.

Ok. So, I did my step two doodle to form out what I think this creature wants to be. There were some sandpipers on the beach. Maybe that influenced this one a bit. #doodlingonthebeach #imagination #createfromyourinnerchild #imaginarycreature

Adding pattern details to his furry neckline . I created all the patterns separately and I can paint with those patterns in #corelpainter . Unisnoove will soon be ready for the next phase. #mixedmediaart
#childrensdecorart #kidsroomart #imaginaryanimalart #fantasyanimalart #digitalart

Just about done Unisnoove. Next step, the background, then to print for mixed media phase. #mixedmediaart #imaginaryanimalart #fantasyanimalart #digitalart #kidsroomart #childrensdecorart

This photo doesn’t do it justice . Perfect print of Unisnoove on my #epsonp800printer on ultra premium matte paper . This will be mounted on fine art paper pre mounted on 24×24 gallery panel. Then I’ll@add mixed media. I also need to add final touches to my Snorf piece (see past posts). Unisnoove is the second piece in my Dream Wall series.

Eventually I will add voice overs or music to my videos explaining my process. The hashtags above link to Instagram hashtags. I’ll see you next time. In the mean time, hope to see you on Facebook or Instagram. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook


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