Art sweat and techy tears:Learning to build my website with the Divi Theme.

Oct 17, 2019 | My Creative Musings

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I absolutely love the Divi website building theme. Building my own website from scratch was something I never thought I would be able to do until I found this amazing website building application that enables one to create a website on the WordPress platform. There are two kinds of WordPress. There is the one that is free that doesn’t require a web host, then there is the one that does.  It is the hosted version that Divi is made for.

Without Divi or one of the many website building themes for WordPress, one needs to have a lot more technical saavy with knowledge and skill for website coding (programming). The Divi theme has been around for a few years now and as they continue to develop this application, it becomes increasingly intuitive with less need for knowing how to code.  Coding skill of course will always an option, but I haven’t really needed to learn it much at all. That’s why I love the Divi website builder. As an artist It has been fun to apply my art and creative skills to the design of my site.

Now for the sweat and tears part. I do admit though when I started out with creating my website back in 2016 there was a pretty big learning curve. But it didn’t take too long to overcome. It was more just a long process to get my pages and blog set up. I think Divi for WordPress by Elegant themes is a great option for artists who want to create and manage their own websites.

I had many frustrations just getting my page layouts to look the way I want and I have to ask you all to please excuse some of the wonky visual mistakes on some pages. My site is a continued work in progress. I have some plans to update and refresh the look and feel of my site to reflect the direction my art is going. When I’m ready to launch my online shop that platform poses it’s own set of learning curves so I may decide to invest in some help to save some time. While I am more artistic than technical I still enjoy dabbling in learning the tech aspects of my website.

One thing I do wish I had done though to make my life a bit easier to was to use one of Elegant Themes many pre-designed templates that are customizable to one’s own style and purpose. They are always adding new layout templates for a huge variety of website and business formats.

All this being said. I still have to add my shop to my website so I can start selling my artwork. Currently I am in the midst of another project that is taking up much of my time, so I haven’t been blogging as much lately.  Integrattion with online shop platforms is another great thing about the Divi website builder. If you are an artist check it out some time.


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