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Oct 15, 2018 | Monthly Social Media Highlights

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It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written a blog post highlighting my posts on Instagram. The purpose of this blog category is to allow those of you who do not use Instagram to follow highlights of my process and progress with my art. I am in the early stages of a new art piece so I will be launching my online shop once that is completed. I will also establish a newsletter where I will write about my latest blog entries and any new art I put up for sale. I will also be including links on Instagram to my shop that will be on my website here.

I will be highlighting my Instagram posts in this blog entry from June up to September. My “Unisnoove” imaginary animal piece of my “Dream Wall” series has evolved since I started it. A big part of developing my art is exploring my techniques with combining my digital painted characters or animals with traditional art materials. I print my digital art on a high end printer that produces professional quality prints.

At the moment I don’t have comments enabled here but I will also be activating that feature soon.


Adding detail to the background of my #unisnoove piece. I’m still discovering my techniques as I go. I love that #panpastels blend nicely with acrylic gel medium. I just love the contrast between the softness of the pastels and tactile nature of paint and the digital print of Unisnoove which I created in Corel Painter with my Wacom tablet. #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #childrensdecoranddesign #originalartwork #imaginaryanimalart #fantasyanimalart #fantasyart

Started blocking out colours for my next imaginary animal as part of my Dream Wall series. I have switched from the Wacom tablet to the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil . I absolutely love being able to work right on the screen. I use an amazing app called #astropadstudio which wirelessly connects my iPad to my MacBook. The iPad Pro is pressure sensitive as well. In this pic I’m using Corel Painter. #corelpainter2018 #imaginaryfriend #originalart #digitalart  #childrensdecoranddesign #ipadproart

Created this pattern in #corpainter2018. It is the pattern that I used on the body of Unisnoove and now for the “wall” area of the piece as image transfers. #imagetransfer #imaginaryfriends

Edit (September 19, 2022): Since I orginally published this post I had this as one of my Instagram posts; however, since streamlining my Instagram feed I had removed this particular post. 

This is after removing the stencil from the plastic sheet protector. I applied some acrylic medium to #unisnoove and transferred the circles and it worked like a charm. Looks better to me than applying the stencil and paint directly to the piece. I’ll add more updates later. It takes awhile to dry before I can peel away the sheet protector from my piece . Check my Instagram page for updates.

Update: During my process with developing this artwork I found that, while it worked to transfer the gold dots from plastic sheet protectors onto the piece, I wasn’t happy with the results. I found I preferred working with the stencil directly on the piece.

Applying Pan Pastel with acrylic polymer medium to act as a fixative. It works quite well this way. You can use the sponge applicators for pan pastels also. It’s taken some trial and error to get this piece looking the way I want but I’m liking this process so far.

Figuring out iMovie is always a learning curve. Anyway, here is a brief speed process video of me working on some of “Splorch’s” head and face. Lots more still to do.

Working on designs for the patterns in my next imaginary animal in my Dream Wall Series.

Taking a bit of a break from my “Unisnoove” piece (it’s almost done) to spend some much needed time in my sketchbook to stimulate my imagination and clear a bit of a creative block so that I can develop new imaginary animals/creatures for future pieces. I have yet to come up with a name for this one but I’m thinking it could play a major role on my future art. I’ll see where my imagination takes me with it. I think I’ll be developing my Dream Wall art into a more fantasy-like direction . I also have my own unicorn inspired creatures I’m contemplating (see next post). I’ll see where my pencil takes me over time. The next piece after Unisnoove is my Splorchrich osterich inspired piece.#sketchbook#fantasyanimals#imagination#originalartwork#imaginaryanimals

Here is another fantasy animal I imagined on my sketchbook. It has large ears so it can hear the whispers of your dreams ( or of your child’s dreams). I think these ears will feature on different creatures in my next Dream Wall series or phase of my art . Again I cleaned up my sketch in the iPad app #procreate and added the details of the legs.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. This piece in my “Dream Wall” series with this animal I call  “Unisnoove”  has involved a bit of trial and error with the mixed media. I like giving my imaginary creatures made up names. It’s usually the first cooky name that comes to mind. I’ve started my next character as well and will share that process soon. I will post a photo of this “Dream Wall : Unisnoove “ soon.

Here is another closeup of my “Unisnoove” mixed media and digital painting piece. I made this stencil on my digital cutting machine called the #cricutexplore. Creating this piece involved a bit of a learning curve as I work to hone my techniques. I’ll be posting a photo of the completed piece soon. The Cricut Explore machine is amazing for people who love crafting.

Here is my Unisnoove imaginary fantasy animal of my Dream Wall Series now complete. Excuse the bright circle at the bottom. It’s my watermark and not part of the actual piece. It’s is 24×24 inches mounted on gallery board. About 1 3/4 inches deep. Stay tuned for when I put it up for sale once I launch my online shop. After I complete my next piece I will start preparations for adding an online store and possibly a newsletter sign up to my website.
Once I purchase a suitable lens for my camera I will also sell museum quality print reproductions.  #childrensdecor #artforkids #childrensdecoranddesign #originalcharacter #originalartwork #fineart #imaginaryart



fantasy flower website design element

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fantasy flower website design element

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