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Jul 4, 2017 | My Creative Play and Process

Hello friends!

Welcome to one of my very first blog posts on my brand new website and blog.

For this blog post I am featuring a gallery of many of my past art works (see bottom of this post) from over the past ten plus years . Over that time I have been evolving my style, themes and concepts. After studying visual arts and art history in university, I went to teacher’s college and I stopped doing art for a few years.

Please select images from the slider below to get more detailed descriptions of each piece.

Once I decided to pick up my paint brush again, I started exploring the Surrealism art theme. It was an art movement that dealt with concepts of the bizarre nature of subconscious dream states. At that time I was expressing inner states of being (the essence) of women with my art. That is, ideas of seeking inner peace, healing, or inner happiness and joy. The first series of my surrealism paintings I did were in oils on canvas, but I now opt more for acrylic paints and mixed media (materials), as I enjoy combining a variety of elements to my artwork .

For awhile I explored playing with incorporating fabric dyes, paints and dyed wool using a method called needle felting, this is where you use a special barbed needle to felt the wool into the cloth or canvas. I liked the soft-textured and dimensional feel this gave to my needle felted pieces.

The “E” piece featured in my slider was a gift for a friend’s little girl. It is an example of one of my paisley and patterned inspired monogram artworks.

I have sold a few of my paintings featured here, but I am not currently selling the rest. However, if you have any questions or inquiries about these paintings please feel free to send me a message using the contact form in the sidebar.

Visit my main gallery page to see my current artwork all about imaginary and fantasy animals, characters and creatures. My newest work on that page will be for sale later in the year. Stay tuned for when I add my store to my site. In the meantime you can follow my creative process on my blog and on my social media. My Instagram feed on the side bar will take you to my Instagram page as well.

My website is brand new, and creating this special gallery blog post to share where I have been with my art over the years has been a journey and a learning curve.


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