April Instagram highlights and part two of my paint pour reflections

May 1, 2019 | Monthly Social Media Highlights

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Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted highlights from my Instagram page here. My last post is in my Mixed Media Play and Process category where I reflected on my experiments  with acrylic pour painting. I used the acrylic skins (poured and peeled off of plastic sheet protectors) to frame up my current piece in my “Dream Wall” art series. This post highlights part two of that process since I just used Instagram to share the next steps of my progress with this piece. To read more about my experiments with acrylic pour painting you can visit that post by clicking the linked text (Learning to trust my process with paint pouring). If you are on Instagram you can also follow me there. The link to my Instagram page is on the sidebar (bottom of the page on mobile).

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Working out best ways to apply my acrylic pour skins. I wasn’t happy with how the pour for the bottom turned out so I’m going to do a new one with a slightly modified approach. I also have a plan for background in the works. Everything will be nicely blended together at the end. I’ve really been on a journey with this “Dream Wall” series with working on honing and tweaking my mixed media methods. Eventually I will have a consistent method for my backgrounds that will shorten the length of time it takes me to complete a piece. Right now my art space looks like a tornado went through it as well. I need to find a better system for organizing all my paints and supplies . Some people have the most amazing work spaces. Also, pours take three days to dry. That’s one thing I can’t stand. I hate waiting. Well, stay tuned for more on how this piece evolves.


Working on my newest creature. I love using my ipadpro and Apple Pencil with the Luna Display and Astropad Studio. Using Corel Painter to paint this unicorn inspired creature with three horns. Sorting out how I want it to ultimately look. Stay tuned for more.


Made these acrylic pours with dipping rice paper piece into the pour. Left the paper directly on my last pour. until it dries and I’ll peel it off as a skin. I love how I can get multiple paper dips from one pour. I’ll use these pieces to collage into my background. I will add a process update of my Splorch animal once I make more progress with it. Stay tuned for that.

Doodling some creature ideas. When I feel under the weather I can pull out my iPad Pro and doodle out some ideas with my Apple Pencil. It helps me feel more productive. I have my traditional sketchbook but I find myself gravitating more towards my iPad with the Procreate app lately. I’m thinking I could develop little creatures to do as smaller art pieces. Just ideas floating in my head. I love that the sketch tools in the Procreate app look and feel like real pencil. I don’t know if it’s because I have a pet bird, but for some reason I feel drawn to beaks.

I tried something new with this acrylic paint pour skin. I put rice paper on top to hold the cells and give it more stability. I love how this one turned out. I’ll keep it to use in a future art piece since I have way more than I need for my

Here is a speed painting of my work in progress of my three horned unicorn inspired fantasy creature as part of the next phase of my “Dream Wall” series with my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Corel Painter. I’m thinking of calling this creature an Auroracorn . And I think I might name this one Trinity. I want to see where I can go with these creatures.

Stay tuned for future updates on my progress with both my Splorch animal piece and Trinity either here on my blog, Instagram or Facebook.

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